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No Plexus is a genre-queer experimental electronic music duo consisting of artists No Compliments and Bec Plexus. Their concept-driven approach to music is the result of both artists’ background in contemporary classical music fusing with a shared affinity for electronic music.

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Live sets from No Plexus combine raw and physical vocal performances, anchored by densely detailed drum programming and ever-evolving sound and visual design. 


While the duo’s DJ sets fuse hyperpop and industrial with their own remixes and edits, their immersive live shows are equally technologically-advanced, future-facing and genre-defying. Having worked with Emmanuel Biard (Evian Christ, Koreless, Lotic), their performances feature holographic display systems, extensive light programming and live-video feeds from webcams with AI-assisted facial-tracking technology. Their stage presence is reinforced and creatively manipulated throughout the set by a variety of graphic design and animation. This includes a multiplicity of avatars, digital representations and distortions as well as live feeds of their faces visible on holo-displays, which is repeated onto haze and fog which extends over audiences.


Similarly futuristic is No Plexus’ debut album, the multi-layered journey ‘Rite Of Passage’. Although it doesn’t take itself too seriously, the record still packs a thought-provoking punch while delivering a frequently unusual sonic experience. 


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